Choosing an Agent

When choosing a life and health agent to service your account there are few things you should know.

Agents are free

Your rates are the same regardless if you have gone to the insurance company directly. The insurance company files its rates with the Department of Insurance and are not discounted for direct customers. 

Exception: If you "hired" an agent as a consultant for your business, he/she can charge a fee to service your account. In addition, some individual plans do not pay agents commission. If you require the services of an agent he/she can and should charge professional fees to service the account.

Bigger is not always better

Some agencies tout their size to attract clients. But is bigger better?  How important is your business to your agent?  To a large agency, your business may only represent a small fraction of their business, whereas your business may represent a large percentage of a smaller agency or independent agents business. 

In most cases, an independent agent  sells and services his or her own accounts. Therefore he or she has an intimate knowledge of your account and can recommend changes as your business changes.

Agents specialize

With so many lines of coverage it is difficult for any agent to master all lines of coverage. It is not uncommon for and individual or business to have multiple agents for each coverage type. 

How do you find the agent that is right for you?

Ask for a referral. Agents know other agents. Agents that specialize in life and health frequently refer their clients to someone they trust for property and casualty products.