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Group Medical Gap Insurance


A medical gap plan can be the solution to your groups’ high deductible / high out-of-pocket group health plan.

As employee out-of-pocket responsibilities continue to increase, a Gap insurance plan can be an important part of your benefit strategy, supplementing the employer’s major medical coverage.

Our Gap insurance plans cover certain portions of the out-of-pocket expenses that employees and their families incur under their major medical coverage such as, coinsurance, copays, and deductibles up to the maximum benefit selected by the employer.

Gap plans are designed to help fill the gap in primary coverage when hospital confined to a hospital or outpatient surgeries. Employees can stop worrying about their financial situation and focus on recovery.

Customize your plan(s)

  • Inpatient required benefit: $1000 - $10,000 per person

  • Outpatient optional benefit 20% - 100%

  • Traditional deductibles ranging from zero as the minimum to a maximum $1,250

  • HSA compatible; Individual Coverage Benefit Period Deductible minimum starting $1,300; family $2,600

The General Agency offers multiple insurance companies to insure you have the most up to date products and competitive rates.


Give yourself a competitive edge. Call us today for more information at (972) 466-2915.

Multiple Gap Insurance Carriers

Gap plans may not pay 100% of the insured’s out-of-pocket expenses. Some Limitations and Exclusions may apply. See product brochures and certificates of coverage for more information.

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